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The Lightning played in three (3) Reverse Retro games in 2021:

February 5 vs Detroit (W 3-1)
February 25 vs Carolina (W 3-1)
March 18 vs Chicago (W 4-2)

Jersey Notes

  • Only one (1) set of Reverse Retro jerseys was produced.
  • Coleman, Vasilevskiy and McElhinney played in two jerseys per game are denoted with an "1A".
  • Game-issued jerseys for Hedman with "A" and Killorn and McDonagh without "A" were also produced.
  • These additional  jerseys will not be sold, however may be auctioned off by the Lightning Foundation at a later date.
  • There are no blank game-issued jerseys as the entire set was used.
  • The Lightning will not play again in these Reverse Retro jerseys.

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